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About Us

Raybin Associates is a fundraising, management consulting and strategic planning group of senior professionals who together have over 60 years of experience in working with not-for-profit organizations. Both of us have backgrounds as development officers, senior managers, management consultants, educators, volunteers and Board members. Thus, we bring to our client relationships not only our perspective as consultants, but also direct experience in managing and governing non-profit organizations.

Raybin Associates is committed to the team approach in our consulting work, because each member of the firm brings different talents, experiences, and perspectives to an assignment. The result is broader, deeper and richer thinking than what one individual might provide.

We are challenged by working with clients whose staff and volunteers are interested in developing a collaborative partnership to solve problems. At the same time, we attempt to ensure that the problem-solving process builds consensus, commitment, effective leadership, and skills that endure long after we complete our assignment with you.

Founded in 1973 by the late Arthur D. Raybin, the firm has worked with more than 1,000 gift-supported groups to design fundraising strategies, plan and implement capital and endowment campaigns, improve the performance of Boards and help create well-organized and soundly-managed organizations.