Raybin — A Marts & Lundy Company

We're excited to be joining the Marts & Lundy Team!


Raybin Associates provides services to our philanthropic clients in three principal areas:

Clients usually come to us for help in one of these areas. In practice, however, they are interrelated, and complex issues demand an integrated solution. It is almost impossible, for instance, for a poorly managed organization to conduct a successful capital campaign, as donors are reluctant to contribute large gifts to an institution that does not steward its existing resources well. Thus, while we work with clients on campaign preparation, they may also need assistance from us in one or more areas of management. And a common outcome of strategic planning is the Board’s recognition that it could function more effectively and efficiently. So, Board development becomes a strategic priority. As a result, we may work with the Trustees on governance issues and/or fundraising that will be needed to implement the strategic plan.

We understand that professional consulting relationships are measured by results - and that the best results start with the best information. We believe that the more information we gather on the front end, the greater the achievements on the back end. Accordingly, we place a strong emphasis on learning as much as we can about your organizations early in the relationship.

The Raybin approach uses a series of interviews within and around your organization to produce recommendations and strategies that go far beyond those provided by any other organization. We deliver the integral information – and far-ranging insights – that put your organization on track to reach and exceed your immediate and long-term goals.

Ours is a three-step process:

  1. We listen to all the different voices. As an impartial outsider with a big picture of your organization, experience with myriad non-profits, and no personal agendas, we are uniquely positioned to listen.
  2. We build consensus. Raybin engages your key players at every step along the way. In so doing, we bring together the wisdom, resources, and perspectives that exist within your organization. Synthesized with our collective insight and experience, priorities become clear and there is consensus about possible solutions.
  3. With you, we design a detailed plan for change – incorporating powerful solutions which fit you alone. We then guide you through the plan until you are able to complete the work on your own.

Through this process, we conduct the objective analyses necessary to understand what your organization needs to do to:

  • Fully realize your mission
  • Raise a great deal more money
  • Design a comprehensive and compelling plan for the future
  • Unleash the potential of the Board
  • Organize and manage the staff differently for optimal performance
  • Sharpen your competitive edge