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Development and Fundraising Strategies

A sound development plan must be based on the realistic resources of your entire institution, including prospects, volunteers, Board and staff skills, budget, and time. It must reflect your real programmatic and financial needs. Within a framework provided by counsel, you weigh possible options, consider short and long-term return on investment, and determine an overall plan that fits the resources and style of your organization.

We work with our clients to enhance their development efforts in the following areas:

As our clients respond to the recession, they want to ensure that the Development Program is as efficient and effective as possible. Raybin’s Development Program Assessment focuses on evaluating office organization, staffing, systems, prospect research, communication, cultivation and solicitation strategies and designing what works for you.

More narrowly focused on “close friends”, a Major Gifts Program still requires a compelling and well-documented case, competent and committed Trustee solicitors and empathetic Development staff members who can advise in sensitive times. Some of our clients will use this approach as a bridge to a larger campaign. Some include annual fund donors with clear upgrading, solicitation and recognition strategies. A successful Major Gifts Program ensures that the prospect pipeline is always full.

Annual Fund strategies. What can you do better, differently and more effectively to meet your organization’s annual operating needs? Raybin will analyze your Annual Fund data, interview staff, solicitors and donors and help you focus on bringing in the gifts you need to meet goal.

We began as a firm focused on Campaign planning, design and implementation; and based on our clients’ needs, we have expanded to include all types of fundraising. Our clients report that our Feasibility Study reports are so comprehensive that they almost function as campaign blueprints. We usually begin our work with a Development Assessment, so that any recommendations can be implemented before a campaign starts. After 20-40 interviews with individuals selected by your organization, we share our findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Once our clients have implemented the recommendations from the Development Program Assessment and the Feasibility Study indicates a clear storyline, enough qualified prospects to reach goal and enough willing and competent solicitors to ask for the gifts, they segue quickly into the Capital Campaign. With you, we design the overall campaign structure and strategy and work intensively on individual cultivation and solicitation strategies. We help develop that storyline into a compelling, and, well-documented, case. We train solicitors, with guidelines, scripts, role-playing, FAQ’s and other resources designed to raise their comfort level. We attend Steering Committee meetings, create a budget, draft policies and procedures, and just generally work with you every step of the way.

Bequests and planned gifts are part of your overall major gifts strategy. Raybin Associates helps you design the ongoing cultivation, solicitation and stewardship which enable your donors to meet their lifelong philanthropic objectives and take advantage of gift strategies which are beneficial to them and to you.

Fundraising planning workshops are particularly helpful to organizations that offer many programs which must be integrated into the fundraising effort. By bringing the players together for a daylong workshop, your organization can identify the challenges and opportunities and begin to address the solutions. Better internal communication and collaboration not only improve your efficiency, they also improve morale and engender a deeper spirit of common mission. These workshops make a difference in any economic climate.


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