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New York Public Library

When it was time to design the fundraising strategy for a visionary $1 billion-plus project, the New York Public Library turned to Raybin Associates. They asked us to assess the current Development systems, staff, infrastructure, and budget and to make recommendations for changes that would support the Library’s largest fundraising effort ever. At the same, time, we were also asked to conduct a small number of campaign strategy interviews with Trustees and donors.

A beacon among cultural and educational institutions the world over, the Library is more than the much-photographed Fifth Avenue landmark. In fact, it comprises 90 libraries, in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. And, it wanted to positively impact all of them. The campaign objectives were visionary:

  • To create the most advanced, innovative and heavily used library in the world at Fifth Avenue
  • To expand services to the people of New York by creating better neighborhood libraries with enhanced collections and technologies
  • To dramatically increase the Library’s presence on the web
  • To build the endowment to support acquisitioning and preserving the next generation of collection building.

So, the strategy had to be deep and broad, ambitious, but doable, and involve everyone from the Board Chair and President to the newest volunteer.

After months of individual interviews and staff workshops, the Raybin team developed a comprehensive strategy which identified the strengths and challenges of every Library fundraising program and recommended ways for the Library to move its campaign forward in an integrated and strengthened manner. Committed to the vision and the strategy for attaining it, the Trustees have pledged nearly $200 million towards the Campaign. New and enhanced systems are now running smoothly and despite the dip in the economy, fundraising programs are on target to move the Library’s campaign forward.

Said Catherine Carver Dunn, the Library’s Senior Vice President for External Affairs:

“Raybin Associates was the right firm at the right time to guide the Library in developing the ‘right’ campaign for the Library.”