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Nancy Raybin Concludes Term as Chair of Giving Institute: Leading Consultants to Non-Profits

After serving as Chair of the Giving Institute for the 2009-2011 term, Nancy stepped down from the position in November. She expressed that her 2 year term had been a wonderful experience during a very difficult economy, and is delighted that there are so many members who want to be GI leaders. She also noted the challenges she currently sees facing the Giving Institute, including:

  • Recognizing that the future of fundraising consultants may not be so solid. During the recession, our clients found ways to survive without us or ways to limit our participation. As a professional organization, we need to promote the value proposition of using Fundraising consultants. There is much more to be developed here.
  • Becoming much more strategic with our Giving USA relationship. We have lost some of our competitive edge, and we are one player among many. An exclusive COP partnership may not be in our best interest or in the best interest of the non-profit community.
  • Making an investment in recruiting more members in an organized, strategic, and serious fashion.

Formerly the Association of Fundraising Counsel (AAFRC), The Giving Institute was founded in 1935.  Its first act developed a fair practices code, now known as the standards of Practice and Professional Code of Ethics which has served as a model for professional ethics in the fundraising field.

Giving Institute member firms serve nonprofit clients of every size and purpose from local institutions to international organizations. Its mission is to educate and engage members in the ethical delivery of counsel and related services to nonprofit organizations through research and advocacy and best practices and its vision is to develop extraordinary leaders in the world of philanthropy. The Giving Institute provides shared experiences for executives of member firms who can become leaders in philanthropy. It provides educational opportunities through three annual Board meetings and the Summer Symposium.

In 1955, it began publishing Giving USA as a public service.  In 1985, the Giving Institute founded Giving USA Foundation™, which assumed the publication of Giving USA and quarterly newsletters related to philanthropy, many of which are featured on our website.