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Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a tobacco control advocacy organization which works on the local, state, regional, national and international level to stop smokers before they start. The rising state taxes on tobacco products, which then help to fund health care, are but one way the organization helps to stem tobacco usage. Lobbying the U.S. Senate for passage of the bill giving the FDA authority to regulate tobacco is another example of CTFK’s far-reaching work.

Since its inception, the Campaign had mainly been funded by large foundation grants. However, CTFK recognized that a comprehensive strategy of building an individual donor base as well as a shared fundraising culture among the Board members and staff were critical steps in moving the organization forward.

Raybin Associates worked closely with Board members, development and program staff and managers to gain consensus on the current situation and determine the critical issues. The document summarizing and synthesizing our findings led to a day-long workshop with the major players who then selected the options best suited to CTFK’s progress.

We then drafted and presented a Board Recruitment Plan which included a 5-year recruitment strategy and a Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy covering

  • A compelling case for support
  • An expanded list of qualified prospects
  • Step-by-step building and effective use of solicitor teams
  • Systematic stewardship
  • Staffing
  • Transformation of the fundraising culture

John Keightley, Vice President of Development gratefully noted that

“Raybin provided keen insights into both the challenges and opportunities confronting our organization and developed a roadmap for success. They took the time to understand our organization, its history and culture and used what they learned to make sure their recommendations made sense for this organization at this time. Their work has enabled us to move forward in a focused, strategic way.”