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Governance and Management

Governance and management are separate functions that form the infrastructure of your non-profit organization. Good governance begins with your Trustees who understand their policy-making role, their fiduciary accountability, and their friend- and fund-raising responsibilities. Good management depends on your staff who daily interpret and implement your organization’s mission, review results, and adjust accordingly for higher performance.

Our Board work is tailored to the particular needs of your institution. We provide step-by-step help on all the elements of strengthening your Board:

  • Building your candidate pool by
       – Identifying demographic considerations and stakeholder segments
       – Attracting the skills and talents you need
  • Drafting Board member and Board committee job descriptions
  • Designing stimulating orientations
  • Working with your Trustees on their fundraising roles and responsibilities
  • Designing evaluations
  • Suggesting ways to enliven Board Meetings and create and activate the committees appropriate to your organization’s needs
  • Reviewing policies, practices and by-laws and advising on how to make them more nearly fit who you are and what you do

Raybin Associates knows that dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate Trustees make a difference. Our work with you results in Boards eager and ready to lead.

Good management means that your office and programs are functioning well and equipped to handle all of their responsibilities. In order to ensure this, our work with you focuses on:

  • Evaluating staff capacity for essential skills and talents and redrafting job descriptions
  • Creating appropriate organization chart(s)
  • Assessing intra- and inter-office communications
  • Reviewing how staff and departments work together and suggesting better collaboration and cross-cutting work, as appropriate
  • Evaluating systems, such as software and prospect research
  • Determining how best to support Board members in their work

Raybin Associates goal is that Board and staff clearly understand and perform their distinctive roles and responsibilities, so that all are working to further your mission.